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Tax Preparation Requirements

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Required Documents for your appointment: 
-Copies of Drivers License or State IDs 
- Social Security Cards
-Proof of residence for dependents claiming EIC

Please make sure to bring the following materials to your tax interview:

Income Documents: 
  • Wage Statements (Form W-2s)
  •  1099s
  • Proof of Jury Duty Pay
  • Poof of Alimony you received
  • Social Security Statement (1099-SSA)
  • Dividend and Interest Statements (1099-DV and 1099-INT)
  • Pension or Retirement Distributions (1099-R)
  • Brokerage Statement (1099-R) along with statements showing when you bought or sold your investment(s).
  • K-1 statements reporting profits from partnerships
  • Record of Income and Expenses for your rental property
  • Record of Income and Expenses for your self-employment

Other Documents:

  • HUD-1 Escrow statement for property you sold or bought
  • Summary of moving expenses
  • Summary of educational expenses (college tuition)
  • Summary of your child care, day care, or adult day care expenses
  • IRA contributions (traditional, SEP or rollovers)
  • Student Loan Interest Paid (1098-E)

Tax Deduction Documents:

  • Health Care Expenses (Doctors, Dentists, Health Insurance, Eye Care, Medicine)
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Mortgage interest paid (1098)
  • Gift to charity
  • Charity related travel
  • Job-related expenses (Union dues, Job Education, Uniforms)
  • Loss of Property due to casualty or theft
  • Lottery Winnings 
  • Gambling Losses