Business Consulting Services

At Adams Financial Services we offer strategic business consulting services in Irvington, NJ, one way we help you is by preparing all required tax returns and schedules to assure that you are paying no more taxes than necessary. Throughout the year, we monitor tax law changes that may affect you and serve as your advocate in this rapidly changing and dynamic industry.

We provide full-service record keeping for all of your cryptocurrency transactions and are constantly monitoring the daily developments in the market and blockchain technology overall. We custom tailor our services to your needs and understand that as regulations are developed your needs may also change. It’s important to have a trusted advisor to assist you in navigating the uncertainty in the current regulatory environment.

Our Commitment

At Adams Financial Services, we’re dedicated to preparing your federal, state and local income tax returns to your complete satisfaction. Our tax preparers will work with you during the tax interview to provide you with the attention and service you deserve.

We Offer an In-Depth Tax Interview

We ask you questions to accurately determine your tax liability, identify all the deductions you’re entitled to, and work to get you the biggest refund you deserve.

As guidance surrounding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is being released, our trained tax preparers are ready to help you with your 2018 income tax returns now.