Making the Best Choices ...

Playing the numbers game.

With daily coin offerings and developers racing to the forefront of new innovations, blockchain technology has undeniable distruptive and game changing potentional. We are extremely excited about this new wave of innovation as accountants and are here to help you transition your business to this platform.

cryptocurrency and The Importance of business management

We know operating in an uncertain regulatory environment can cause anxiety but we are here to assist you and keep you informed. Whether you are looking into jumping into the Coin market through an Intital Coin Offering (ICO) or taking a bet on Bitcoin or Ethereum or are an experienced cryptocurrency traders or investor, our team of skilled professionals are here to let you know how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) views those transactions and more importantly how if affects you. We do not give investment advice but we make sure you following the reporting requirements and know the tax consequences of any and all taxable events.

Small-Business Options

The types of industry that blockchain technology may have the most immediate affects could be healthcare, real estate, legal services and the financialsector to name a few. Entities are working hard at designing their own policies and procedures to meet current regulatory standards keeping flexiblity and scalability in mind.